Shopping guide

Shopping at Siervum is very simple. Choose the model that you like and put it in your shopping basket. You can add as many items as you want. Once you have chosen everything, all you have to do is complete the purchasing process. 

Some of the models come in different sizes; there might be details on the minimum and maximum measurements of the product in question to help you make sure that it fits you properly. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you check over this information to ensure that you are buying an item that suits you and makes you feel good.

SIERVUM makes limited editions of its products by means of an elaborate artisan production process, which means that sometimes the desired item might not be available. In this case, your account will not be debited and you will be informed that the article in question is currently out-of-stock. Later on, we will let you know when it is available again so that you can buy it.

You can simply provide us with your delivery details or you can register with us so that we can save this data for future reference. You choose. If you do decide to sign up with us, you will be able to take advantage of future deals and exclusive sales promotions and we will be very careful not to bother you with spam or inundate you with constant emails.

The prices that appear on the Website are the REAL AND FINAL PRICES that you will pay. If you live in any EU country you won’t get any unexpected taxes or transportation costs added on your order, we are in charge of delivering it FREE OF CHARGE.
The normal delivery time or period is approximately as follows:

-1-2 days: Spain
-3-4 days: Belgium, Italy, France, The Netherlands, UK
-4-5 days: Germany, Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Sweden.
-5-6 days: Slovenia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Poland
-6-7 days: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania

If you live outside the EU, please get in touch with us and we will tell you the final price of your order that includes the transportation costs to your country of residence.

All our products are sent in a lovely gift box that is protected by a strong outer cardboard box, which is delivered without any type of reference on it, so that there is no information about our company or the contents of the package. This means that your order is delivered in a COMPLETELY DISCRETE manner. The sender’s name on the order will be Pedro Luis Chinchilla, and this name will also be used to charge your credit card. In the interests of your privacy we will not use the name of SIERVUM.

Once you have received your order, all you have to do is enjoy it. We are looking forward to your next visit and we hope you give us your opinion.
The Siervum team.