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Privacy Policy


Your privacy is very important to us, so please read the data provided about us, what kind of information we need from you and how we use it. If you have any queries or if you need any explanations in the future please send us an email to and we will be delighted to help you.

Pursuant to the provisions established in the Spanish law regarding the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD-by its abbreviation in Spanish); the data that SIERVUM acquires about you will be used for the purposes of processing your orders and requests. You can sign up for our Newsletters, get the latest news about innovative products and information about all the different initiatives and activities organised by our company just by filling in and sending off our forms.

If you purchase anything on our Website, the data you provide us with will obviously be used to send you the products that you order, for correspondence sent via email, such as customer satisfaction surveys, for any paperwork that is required to send you the products and/or the invoices for such.

Under no circumstances whatsoever, will this company pass on or give your personal data to any other natural or legal person. In simple terms this means that we do not sell your data!!!

About us

SIERVUM is the trade name of the Spanish company Pedro Luís Chinchilla Muñoz, with TIN: 29.069.458-B, its business address is: C/Del Carmen 24, 3º dcha. 03005, Yecla, Murcia.

What are your rights? 

Pursuant to the Spanish Organic Law on the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD),
you are entitled to the following:

  • Access the data that we have acquired about you;
  • Rectify any invalid data that we have or which, over time, has changed (for example, your email, your mailing address, etc.);
  • Object to us processing your personal data. For example, you can still be our client even if you do not wish to receive our Newsletter or any advertising.
  • Cancel your data. You can ask us to delete your data whenever you want. In this way, you will not be sent anymore advertising. Your data will only be used for tax purposes (we have to keep the invoices) and nothing else.

How to exercise your rights

All you have to do is send us an email, it is that simple. Having received your email, we will then confirm that we have respected your rights and don’t forget we are always at your disposal at

A few more points: Social Networks

Users of this Website acknowledge that all the information available on social networks (posted opinions, mentions, comments, links, chats, videos, photos, etc.) might be public information and hence it might be used by third parties that SIERVUM has no control over, not even in terms of imposing technical restrictions. The aforesaid third parties might use the data publicised by users for other purposes that are not directly related to the interests of the company, without having authorisation to do so from SIERVUM or its consent or mere acknowledgement of such. Accordingly, users must be aware of this fact, which is inherent to the use of the information publicised through the Social Networks.

Any opinion and, in general, any information provided by a user can only be considered as being their point of view on a certain matter and by no means that of SIERVUM.

If companies that run and own the so-called Social Network platforms, identify users that join up, post comments and make contributions (texts, videos, photos, etc.), SIERVUM cannot guarantee that the existing law on the protection of personal data will be upheld at all times and therefore it recommends users to consult the specific Privacy Policy of each social network used.

As for the content published in the Social Network spaces used by SIERVUM, users should comply with the aforementioned rules and regulations. If there are any queries about SIERVUM processing the personal data through the Social Networks, users can get in touch with us via Moreover, this address can be used whenever users would like to exercise their rights provided for in Spanish legislation on the Protection of Personal Data (rights to access, rectify, oppose and cancel).


Legal Notice


1. On using this Website users have to fully accept these general conditions of use or those that are in force at all times when the user accesses this Website. is a Website meant for adults only. According to the law in force in the country of residence, minors must refrain from using this Website. The company that owns cannot be held responsible for the content of the Website that might be considered inappropriate for certain members of the public.

2. The Website can only be accessed and used for legal purposes at all times, in accordance with the General Conditions stated herein, the existing law, and pursuant to public order, morals or good customs. The company is entitled to deny users’ access to this Website, without having to give any prior notice of such, if they infringe upon the provisions established in this Legal Notice, or if they are thought to be involved in any illegal activities by the competent authority.

3. The company is reserved the unilateral right to modify any of the existing General Conditions of Use or any of the general or specific conditions concerning its Website at any given time. It is also entitled to modify the presentation, configuration or the location of the Website or the content and the conditions established to use it whenever it deems fit.

4. Users acknowledge the fact that they access this Website on their own free will and that they are solely responsible for doing so.

5. SIERVUM is entitled to inform the competent Authorities if its Website is ever used for purposes that infringe upon its own interests or rights or that could be considered as being illegal.

6. SIERVUM is entitled to discontinue this Website service at any time as long as it gives fair warning of such in these conditions 15 days beforehand.



1. SIERVUM cannot guarantee that the service provided by this Website will be permanently available, nor can it be held responsible for any kind of damage or loss caused or that might be caused in the future, or for any kind of technical defect that occurs as a result of using the information contained on this Website.

2. If there is a cyber attack, which leads to errors in the data provided, SIERVUM cannot be held accountable for such or for any damage caused by the subsequent use of the misleading information.

3. The content of this Website, which is meant for adults only, is merely informative; therefore the company cannot be held responsible at any time for any possible errors in the presentation of such. If you would like more information on this matter, please get in touch with SIERVUM by writing an email to


1. The industrial and intellectual property with regard to logos, emblems, designs, articles, objects or anything else that is included in the design of this Website is the exclusive property of SIERVUM. Users acknowledge and accept these rights. The elements of this Website for which SIERVUM does not have industrial or intellectual rights are used with the corresponding license. All the published photographic and/or video material and text belongs to SIERVUM or is used by this entity that has all the permits and licenses required for such. Users cannot, under any circumstance whatsoever, engage in any kind of activity and/or omission that could violate these rights.

2. The total or partial reproduction of the content of or the transmission or the recording of such by any kind of data collection system, in any way or in any form of media is strictly forbidden if prior written authorisation from SIERVUM to do so is not obtained.

3. The rights of SIERVUM as the copyright owner cannot be ignored; any existing data protection systems that might be established cannot be overlooked or avoided either. The right to quote is permitted as long as the source from which the copyrighted work comes from is duly mentioned.

4. The appropriate legal action will be taken against any violation of the intellectual or industrial property rights pertaining to this Website or the elements of SIERVUM, as a way to protect them.


1. SIERVUM hereby states that its Website hosting service is based in Spain, and therefore any kind of dispute that could arise over the interpretation of these conditions is governed by the Spanish legislation and the International Agreements that have been signed by this country.

2. On accepting the terms of these General Conditions, users agree to submit any kind of dispute related to the aforementioned to the jurisdiction of the Courts or Tribunals of the city of Alicante.


If you have any queries about the aforesaid conditions of use please contact us in one of the following ways: if you want to send us an email or if you prefer to write to us send your letter to SIERVUM, C/De Carmen 24, 3° dcha., 03005, Yecla, Murcia.


SIERVUM, Pedro L. Chichi a Munoz, TIN: 29.069.458-B, C/De Carmen 24, 3° Dcha. 03005, Yecla, Murcia.

Use of Cookies

What are cookies

Cookies are tiny pieces of information that this Website might install in the hard drive of the User’s computer (in the browser) once they have accessed the Website (hereinafter referred to as Cookies).

What are cookies used for?

The User has to agree to the owner of the Website installing these Cookies in their computer’s hard drive (browser) so that this Website can work properly.

What type of cookies do we use?

There are two types of cookies that might be used:

  • Those called “technical cookies” (art. 22 LSSICE – Spanish Law on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce), are only used to communicate with the user visiting the site;
  • The “One SEO Pack Pro Version” and “Google Analytics” cookies.

The former are just used to provide information to the visitors. The latter enable the owner of this Website to analyse the generated traffic. In this way, SIERVUM obtains additional information on the characteristics of the Users who visit the Website so that it can then provide personalised services and improve the content of its Website in the interests of the User.

To be more precise, the data analysed through Google Analytics includes:

  • Total number of visits;
  • Language;
  • Country and city of origin;
  • Browser, operating system, service provider and display resolution;
  • New or regular visitors;
  • Length of the visit and sources of traffic.

Users can disable, the Website’s personalisation system through their own browsers whenever they want. The majority of browsers automatically accept the Cookies used, but the User can modify the configuration of the browser to eliminate them, and still be able to use most of the other services provided by the Website. Given the current state of the art, users must clearly accept the privacy policy so that they can browse through this Website properly. In any case, users can find out how to reject these cookies if they so wish, through their browser. 

Your privacy is very important for us, so please read this data provided about us, what kind of information we need from you and how we use it. If you have any queries or if you need any explanations in the future please send us an email to and we will be delighted to help you.


Special purchasing conditions

1. Purchasing process – General details

1. All users who would like to make online purchases at can do so without having to be registered. In any case, users must clearly state that they accept the company’s Privacy Policy.
2. Up-to-date and accurate data must be provided. If the invoicing details are different from the delivery details, the company must be informed of such.
3. Once users have registered, they can choose the articles that appear on the Website, add or delete the products selected by means of the “shopping basket” management service or a similar space.
4. All the prices of the products supplied by the company include VAT and all the other applicable taxes.
5. The Website service of SIERVUM (that is owned by Pedro Luis Chinchilla Muñoz, hereinafter referred to as SIERVUM) is available online at all times. Nevertheless, the company reserves the right to momentarily interrupt this service for maintenance work or due to any other circumstances that are beyond the reasonable control of the company. In the event that maintenance work does have to be carried out, SIERVUM will duly inform users of this.
6. Once users have completed a purchase, they will be sent an email containing all the specifications of the order made. If there are any errors in this, please contact SIERVUM immediately.

2. Methods of payment

1. Registered users who would like to purchase one or various products from SIERVUM can pay by Visa credit card or Paypal.

3. Deliveries

1. SIERVUM delivers all the orders made by users living in Spain or the Balearic Islands, but not to Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands, and it also delivers to any country in the EU.
2. If the user’s delivery details are different from the invoicing details, please inform SIERVUM of this.
3. The normal delivery time from when the order is made is as follows:

- 1-2 days: Spain
- 3-4 days: Belgium, Italy, France, Holland, UK.
- 4-5 days: Germany, Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Luxemburg, the Czech Republic, Sweden.
- 5-6 days: Slovenia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Poland.
- 6-7 days: Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania.

Please bear in mind that although the online shopping service is available 24 hours a day, the orders are processed on the first business day after they have been placed by the user. For urgent orders please contact us by phoning: +34625563099 from 09:00 to 18:00, Monday to Friday.

Carriage is paid by SIERVUM for any deliveries within the EU. If you live anywhere outside the European Union, you can enquire about the cost of postage and packaging by sending an email to

5. IMPORTANT: personalised articles specifically made according to the requirements of the user cannot be returned or refunded. Refunds and returns will only be processed if the product does not satisfy the specifications established by the user.


4. Returns policy

Returning a product that has supposedly been damaged during transit:
If any damage to the packaging is observed on delivery, please refuse to accept the merchandise. Please check the product immediately, just in case you have to make a claim with the courier service insurance. The recipient only has 24 business hours from when the order arrives to notify us of any damage done to the goods that was not observed immediately on delivery. Please notify us of the incident by phoning our customer service line +34625563099 or by sending us an email to

Returning faulty goods:
If a product is damaged when it arrives, we will send you a new one and SIERVUM will pay all the extra freight costs incurred, as long as the product in question has not been used, altered or handled and is sent back in its original packaging that is in perfect condition.

In this case, users must inform us of this incident by sending us an email to within the next 7 business days after they have received the order, clearly stating what the problem is and attaching a photograph of the damaged product. We cannot process any returns or make any refunds if the user in question has not informed us of the incident beforehand.

IMPORTANT: articles made especially in accordance with the specific requirements of the user cannot be returned. Refunds and returns are only processed if the product/article does not satisfy the specifications established by the user.

Returning the wrong product:
If one or more of the products received do not match the products on the corresponding order, SIERVUM will arrange for them to be collected at the stated address and deliver the correct one; this is done free of charge, as long as the product in question has not been used, altered or handled. The product/article must be kept in perfect condition in its original packaging. In this case, the user must inform us of this incident by sending us an email to within the next 7 business days after receiving the order. We cannot process any exchanges, returns or refunds if the user in question has not informed us of the incident beforehand.

Returning an unwanted product:
IMPORTANT: the following terms established are not applicable for products/articles that have been made according to the specifications of the customer/user (non-standard products).

If a user is not satisfied with the product purchased and as long as it has not been used, altered or handled and it has been kept in its original packaging that is in perfect condition, SIERVUM will arrange for the unwanted product to be returned by means of a courier service, and the expenses incurred in returning it will be paid by the customer. If the product is not returned to SIERVUM in its original packaging, it will lose value.
So, please contact us by sending an email to within the next 7 business days after receiving the order. We cannot process any exchanges, returns or refunds if the user in question has not informed us of the incident beforehand.

IMPORTANT: SIERVUM will not be able to accept, under any circumstances whatsoever, returns of personalised products that have been made according to the specifications of the consumer, or that, due to the type of good in question, cannot be returned or that might be damaged or even those that are not sent back in the same condition as that in which they were originally sent (boxes, packaging, products, possible instruction manuals, etc.), and the original boxes cannot be altered in any way.
If you have any further questions or enquiries about returning products, please contact us by sending us an email to: or phone us on the customer service telephone number: +34625563099


If a product is faulty SIERVUM will repair or replace the product, give a discount on such or terminate the contract in question, as it deems fit. The user in question will not be expected to pay the cost of any of these aforementioned solutions. The SIERVUM products come with a two year warranty, in compliance with the legally established terms, and this warranty period starts on the date of delivery. If the customer disagrees with this, they must inform SIERVUM of such within two months from when they become aware of this fact.

IMPORTANT: The warranty will not be valid in the following cases:

  • Inappropriate transportation or handling of the product.
  • Not following the instructions of use and handling.
  • Improper use.
  • The product or the seal or identification/control labelling being used or handled by anyone else other than the manufacturer’s own Technical Service Staff.
  • Force majeure.

The time taken to repair and classify the damage (fasteners, zips, etc.) and to determine whether the product in question is still under warranty or not, will be evaluated by SIERVUM. For any repair work that is needed, SIERVUM might replace the parts or just change the product for another one, according to whatever is more appropriate in each specific case.
If the product in question is going to be repaired, this work has to be authorised in advance by SIERVUM, and it is up to the customer to ask for the aforesaid authorisation. Having done the repair work, the company will then return the product to the customer, who will be expected to pay the carriage costs involved.


These General Conditions are governed by Spanish law. The parties clearly waiver any other jurisdiction and willingly agree to submit any disputes that might arise over the terms herein to the user’s local courts and the tribunals.


You can contact us directly by phoning the number: +34625563099 from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00
You can also send us an email to if you have any enquires about your order, comments, suggestions to make or if you need any more information.